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October 7, 2009

Kevin Jennings – Racists and Uncaring

According to Kevin Jennings, if we disagree with his agenda we are racists and;
“When you show me you care, I’ll be willing to talk to you – until then – why don’t you turn the day of silence into a year of silence for yourselves.”
Sign of the times – if we disagree – we don’t [...]

October 6, 2009

Kids Are Being Aggressively Recruited To Become Heterosexual In This Country

Robert Gibbs – is this what you meant about “matching the truth to what’s being said”? You really should be concerned about what has been said by Kevin Jennings – not what’s being reported by Fox News.
Kevin Jennings has got to go…………..

“One of the people that’s always [...]

September 28, 2009

Safe School Czar – Not So Safe

Via The Washington Times:
According to Mr. Jennings’ own description in a new audiotape discovered by Fox News, the 15-year-old boy met the “older man” in a “bus station bathroom” and was taken to the older man’s home that night. When some details about the case became public, Mr. Jennings threatened to sue another teacher who [...]