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July 27, 2009

Conyers Introduces Bills To Restore Voting Rights To Former Prisoners – BEFORE The End Of Their Sentence

I have to say, I do feel that felons that have paid their debt should be allowed to vote. However………………that is not what Conyers wants. His bill will allow voting for anyone that is not currently incarcerated. 
According to the bill in it’s current form this will impact 4 million people. The problem, 2 million [...]

July 27, 2009

Conyers Doesn’t Believe In Reading Bills. None Of Them.

 You can always county on Conyers to let the truth slip. Everyone is up in arms because of his comment regarding not reading the healthcare bill – this wasn’t a slip – or the first time he said it.
Conyers comment on the Healthcare bill.

Conyers comment on the Patriot Act.